German Constitutional Court requests preliminary ruling from the European Court of Justice on the ECB Outright Monetary Transaction decision

2014. April 02. 16:15

Ernő Várnay - Veronika Czina (translation)

The German Constitutional Court and the European Court of Justice (ECJ) have been exchanging ‘messages’ for decades now. The German Constitutional Court is not just one among the other Member State constitutional courts. Being the constitutional court of a large founding Member State of the EU which possesses high intellectual and moral capital, the Karlsruhe body has been attracting the attention of other constitutional courts since decades, and it has been providing a ground for the political, legal and scientific discourse about constitutional relations between Member States.

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Keynote address of Dr. Vince Cable (UK Secretary of State for Business) at the European Competition Forum (Brussels, 11 February 2014)

2014. February 18. 14:55

Monika Papp

Dr. Vince Cable opened his speech by noting that during the crisis, when there is an enormous pressure on governments to subsidize national industries, people with real integrity and strength to act and ability to establish clear rules are needed at the European level.  According to Cable, Mr. Joaquín Almunia performed well in this respect by establishing a clear framework on state aids and their enforcement.

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